Camping at Glen Gray

On the weekend of the 22nd-24th I went camping with my friend Dean at Glen Gray in Mahwah, New Jersey. When we got there we pitched our tent and went to the opening campfire with Ken Galipeau and had ice cream sundaes. We woke up the next morning and tried to put on a comedy show with the other kids in our campsite, but that was pretty much an epic fail. Then we went on a 2 mile hike with the hike master Ira and I made two new friends Deanna and Evan. We hiked to Matapan Rock. When we got there, the view was AMAZING! You could see the valley and basically all of N.J. . We were all paying in acorn-top currency to get hand massages from Dean’s broken mini-fan. Dean, Evan, Deanna and I all loved the hike. After that we played baseball in the field, but when Dean’s dad came along the game started going in 348 different directions. On the way there we met Connor and his dad and had lunch with them. Then we all went swimming and boating. After that we went to the inflatable waterslide and rated people on their performance. Dean rated on splash, I rated on style, and Connor rated on awesomeness. We woke up the next morning, packed our bags and left. And then we talked about gummie bears eating electrical fences. If you ever camp there I recommend to go to the waterslide, go to the opening campfire, and go on the Matapan Rock hike.