A Bumpy Ride in the Sahara Desert

Did you know that the tooth fairy visits Egypt too?

When I was six I went to Egypt. We went out onto the Sahara Desert for a few hours.

First we rode in a jeep that kept bouncing around.

Then I rode on a camel that kept jostling me. It felt like inner-tubing, only a lot slower.

Me and my brother on a camel

After all that bumping around, we finally got off the camel. At the exact moment that the camel dropped me to the ground, my seventh tooth fell out. We had to spend ten minutes looking for it on the ground.

The camel driver found my tooth!

We came back to our cruise ship, and I wrote a note to the tooth fairy hoping she would come to me. The next morning I looked under my pillow, and there was a letter written in hieroglyphics and a 50-pound Egyptian note and a U.S. $2 bill. I wonder how long it took the tooth fairy to fly to Egypt.

The final result